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  • I live in The place where fact and fiction are one and the same.
  • My occupation is Student of the art of Storycraft i.e. I love to write.
  • I am Male but I have been told I'm quite feminine in terms of personality
  • Starscream1998

    It is commonly assumed by many that at the very start of the game a scenario of escaping capture is playing out and while that is true to an extent there is a much more shocking truth behind it.

    For those who have discovered the alternative ending to the game where the protagonist disconnects what looks to be something related to the control helmets you should know that it is revealed that the protagonist then slumps lifelessly similar to other characters once you're done controlling them. So if the child is being controlled how is that so, what is the true nature of these controllable people we see march and follow instructions and who is the one controlling them.

    I'd like to turn your attention to the pig farm we see, like in my previous i…

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  • Starscream1998

    Without a doubt this is one of the most well-paced, deep and mysterious stories that has yet to come out of the Gaming Community and as such I think that Playdead, who alongside their previous game limbo that was also marvelous, deserve my full effort in fleshing out my story interpretation of Inside. We play a young, mute and stylistically faceless boy who starts the game presumably escaping from one of those capsule like containers and follows a lorry full of people being escorted away by a militia of some description. After escaping capture or death at the hands of these armed men and their mutts you catch up to the Lorry that has departed its cargo who are now lined up for something.

    We discover to our dismay that whatever was done to t…

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