The Facility is a massive research center containing Sectors 1-7, only three of which are fully seen in-game. It is run by scientists conducting experiments on various technological aspects, some of which may even be pseudoscience. The central core of the research is the Huddle, a powerful amalgamation of albinos that has the ability to control others, or perhaps even the protagonist himself.

In the game, the protagonist encounters several hazards placed to obstruct the access to the Huddle. One theory for this is that the whole round was designed as an experiment to test the intelligence of the Huddle by selecting the best albinos to merge with it.

Sectors Edit

The facility is divided into several sectors focused on different technologies and experiments:

  • Sector 1: Unseen. It may encompass the space between the city and the derelict underground where the dogs chase the protagonist.
  • Sector 2: Mostly submerged by water, this sector contains the artificial forest, the mines, and the shockwave atrium.
  • Sector 3: In this sunken area, there are several flooded observation chambers, turbine funnels, and corpses.
  • Sector 4: The inverted water experiments, observation chambers, and the Huddle Tank are located here.