Notice: This page contains spoilers for the game INSIDE. Proceed with caution.

This page is for theories about INSIDE. Please put down your username so we can tell who submits what, and if someone has multiple theories. Thanks! -HMSquared

Theory 1 (HMSquared)

"My theory about INSIDE is (as far-fetched as this sounds) it is a prequel to LIMBO, and that the two unnamed protagonists as the same, and that the long haired character in the water (who I call the siren) is the boy's sister. The boy and his sister reunited when they were in the blob, somehow escaped and made their way to the cornfield, where they went through the secret ending. After the secret ending, the world was destroyed mostly, turning it into the world of LIMBO. The sister accidentally shot her brother, causing him to pass out, and the sister moved her brother, believing he was dead. The boy reunited with his sister in Limbo, and then they went off to Heaven together, but the boy has a dream about his adventures in LIMBO, which explains why the game starts over at the end."

Theory 2