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Notice: This page contains spoilers for the game INSIDE. Proceed with caution.

Long-Haired Creature (slightly-edited)

A Long-Haired Creature having light shone on it.

Long-Haired Creatures are the final enemy encountered in the game. They are found in certain underwater areas of the game. They have been given many different names by different players, and have no actual canon name.

Appearance Edit

These creatures appear to have abnormally long, black hair. The creatures wear no clothing, exposing their dull-gray skin tone. They also seem to be the same height as The Protagonist.

Behavior Edit

While the player used the submarine in the game, it was apparent the long-haired creatures are irritated by bright light. The creatures will retreat and keep distance when a bright light is shone on them and will only move when the light is away.

The creatures only chase the player if they are submerged in water. When underwater, the creatures will swim toward the player at an alarming speed. If the creature catches the player, they will be pulled underwater and forcefully drowned.

Final Encounter Edit

At one point of the game The Protagonist falls into the water and gets forcefully drowned by one of the Long-Haired Creatures.

At this part the creature is completely unavoidable.

After the protagonist stops struggling and is undeniably dead, the creature attaches a plug-like device, (similar to the ones attached to The Blob,) to the protagonist. Which then in a few minutes revives them and gives them the ability to breathe underwater and mind-control without a helmet.

The creature is never encountered again after this part of the game.

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