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These are the hazards that may hinder The Protagonist's progress throughout the story.

Types of hazards Edit

Taser machines Edit

These machines appear mostly in the monochronic facility to capture renegades and escapists wandering about the place. These machines, however, only patrols on a specific pattern and ensnares anyone on its lighting path with an electrocuted wire, paralyzing while dragging them away. The protagonist can avoid being caught by hiding away from the light, preferably under or behind certain debris.

Another type of taser machine can be seen in the game used to patrol the mind-controlled slave testing, as it detects and ensnares any person performing suspicious and defective actions. The protagonist encounters it as they fell into the line of the slaves. To prevent being caught, camouflage yourself by complying with the procedure of the test.

The Pulse Edit

The Pulse is encountered in a testing room about 75% of the progress of the game. The Pulse can cause a monumental force that could easily send objects flying in pieces, including the protagonist. They occur once every five seconds, with a forewarning of erratic lighting and eerie noise before letting out a pulse. To avoid this, shield yourself behind sturdy debris and large objects/walls where they wouldn't get shattered and blown when the pulse occurs.

Enemies Edit

There are multiple enemies encountered in Inside. The very first enemies are guards; guards always appear to don dark clothing and plain white masks and usually has a flashlight. The player encounters the most of this enemy at the beginning of the game when running through the monochromatic forest. If the player is in a guard's sight, the guard will shoot or try to forcefully hold down the protagonist.

The second enemy you encounter are Guard Dogs. Guard Dogs are seen numerous times throughout the game and are usually accompanied by the guards. If a guard with a dog sees the player, they will let the dog chase after the player and kill them. Guard Dogs' behavior are different with every scenario; one includes you having to climb over a fence and get the dogs to chase you on the opposite side.

Another enemy encountered in the game are long-haired humanoid creatures that only appear in certain underwater environments. They will chase after the player if the player is found swimming in the water. There is one cut scene where the protagonist cannot escape from the creature, as it drags them underwater and forcefully drowns them, plugging the protagonist into some kind of electrical device, that gives them the ability to breathe underwater and mind-control without a helmet.

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