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Some attributes
First Bald
Second White skin
Third White shirt
Other attributes
Fourth Grey pants
Fifth Black shoes

The CEO is a minor character that appears briefly around 90% into the game.

Appearance Edit

The CEO appears to have white pale skin and a shaved head. He wears a white dress shirt and a plain black tie, paired with a black belt and grey pants. He also appears to have a patch on the right side of his shirt, though it is not clear what is on it.

Encounter Edit

A few minutes after The Protagonist becomes The Blob, it crashes through a wall into an office. When through, the CEO falls off of his chair and backs up against the glass of a window in fear. The Blob then runs through the window, taking the CEO with it, and lands on him, resulting in the most violent and bloody death in the game.

Trivia Edit

- The CEO can be spared if the player waits for him to move out of the way.

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