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Some attributes
First Bald
Second White skin
Third White shirt
Other attributes
Fourth Grey pants
Fifth Black shoes

The CEO is a minor character (and possibly the main antagonist) that appears briefly in one scene near the end of the game.

Appearance Edit

The CEO appears to have white pale skin and a shaved head. He wears a white dress shirt and a plain black tie, paired with a black belt and grey pants. He also appears to have a patch on the right side of his shirt, though it is not clear what is on it.

Encounter Edit

A few minutes after the Protagonist becomes the Huddle, it crashes through a wall into an office. When inside, the CEO falls off of his chair and backs up against a window in fear.

The Huddle can then either charge through the window with the CEO and land on him, resulting in the most violent death in the game, or wait for a moment until the CEO moves out of the way, thus sparing him (though if he is indeed the main antagonist, and the one behind the strange experimental atrocities, the violent death choice may feel more satisfying, and it being the most violent in-game death makes it all the more fitting, if the player chooses to).

Trivia Edit

  • In his office, there is a cup on the table with a picture of the boy from Limbo, another game by Playdead.