Notice: This page contains spoilers for the game INSIDE. Proceed with caution.

The albinos are the normal or disfigured humanoids found throughout the game. They are distinctly white in color, and their origin is unknown; however, it may be theorized that they are either normal humans that were captured and experimented on, or produced from mind tanks.

Sleepwalkers Edit

The humanoids who most resemble people are the individuals found in the city, marching in lines and being patrolled by guards; these individuals are called sleepwalkers and not albinos, though they are distinctly white as well. It is unknown whether these sleepwalkers eventually become the albinos typically seen further in the game.

Mind Control Edit

Many albinos are found to be mind controlled, either by the protagonist via mind hat or by other unknown individuals. If an albino is not being controlled, it will remain stationary and in a limped position.

Later in the game, the protagonist is able to control numerous amounts of albinos. They are able to boost him up as well as throw him in order to reach higher-up places. The Huddle is also capable of controlling groups of albinos, and likewise they will boost it up, but cannot throw it.

Resilience Edit

Albinos are extremely resilient and durable, being able to withstand large falls and remain underwater indefinitely. Throughout the course of the game, no albino is ever seen being capable of death despite their susceptibility to losing limbs. However, when solving the pressure-plate puzzle in the mines, one albino may be seen completely motionless on the ground and unresponsive to the protagonist's control. It is unclear whether or not this albino is dead since there are no visible damages, or "shut down" since it does not react to the boy's presence.

Albinos are incapable of bleeding, which may indicate that they are not necessarily human. The CEO, for instance, behaves biologically as any human would; thus, it is not clear on how albinos should be classified.

Inverted Water Edit


The protagonist swimming in inverted water

In Sector 4 of the facility, a multitude of disfigured albinos can be seen suspended in water that retains its shape from the ceiling rather than the floor, seemingly defying gravity. Each albino is also connected to a VAX machine, a 32-bit architectural system. It is unknown how the water is able to behave in such a manner, what the presence of these albinos in the inverted water serves, or what the VAX machines do to the albinos.